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Use a Bouncy Castle Service When Planning Activities for Children at a Wedding Party

kids inflatable fighting arena

Weddings are a time for families to come together and this often includes many children. If you or someone you love is planning a wedding party, a bouncy castle hire service may be exactly the solution you need for entertaining the children. Instead of having them run around the hall and trying to wrangle them while also concentrating on the happy couple, you can relax and let them bounce out all of their excited energy while you watch from outside the castle.

Plan for Rotating Supervision

large inflateable castle

Using a bouncy castle hire service means that every parent doesn’t have to supervise his or her own child throughout

the entire wedding party. Instead, you can plan to keep all of the children in one place and take turns watching them while they bounce and have fun.

  1. Plan ahead who will man the bouncy castle while the children are playing in it so that each person can go in shifts without one person having to miss the whole party.
  2. Have the kids go to bounce in groups, with one person taking care of each group. When the kids aren’t bouncing, you can give them activities that require them to stay seated like wedding themed coloring books or older kids might enjoy a trivia game about the couple getting married.
  3. Letting kids bounce just after they eat can lead to some very bad situations. Either allow bouncing before dinner only or be sure to wait an adequate amount of time after dinner before kids go to the bouncy castle.
  4. Allow for adequate lighting if the wedding party is happening at night. Use light fixtures that give off colored patterns or twinkle lights that kids will love to look at as well as give them enough visibility to bounce safely.
  5. Extend the formal decoration to the bouncy castle area. Kids will be ecstatic that their fancy clothes match the entertainment put up just for them. It will also provide some fabulous photo opportunities for both the photographers and anyone taking candid photos.

Add Some Music

Pink Jumping Castle for kids

Kids love to dance and a jumping castle hire gives you the perfect dance floor for them to be entertained all night. This being the case, you may want to consider using a separate DJ or sound system near the bouncy castle so that the kids can have their favorite tunes while they’re dancing and bouncing. If this is an option you choose, it’s also a good idea to place the bouncy castle far enough away from the main reception that the kids’ music won’t interfere with the adults’ music.

Bouncing Games

There are other things you can plan for the kids at the wedding party besides using a bouncy castle hire service. Use the bouncy castle as a games venue and create your own games that include bouncing. You can even let the kids come up with their own games to occupy them further! Your (or your loved one’s) wedding party will be more memorable than you ever imagined with these activities for the children involved.

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