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Usage Agreement

Usage of this requires us to let you be aware of applicable agreements for the benefits of either party, the user and the website team.

Visiting the Cotton Week means that you agree to these terms of service and please be aware that it will be updated from time to time due to evolving laws and legalities.

Any information provided to us won’t be used for profit nor sold to third parties. We respect the privacy of our user and any cookies used will only be used for their benefits. Have a peace of mind regarding your information. The only thing that will be posted are those articles that you provided us with the consent to do so.

Articles, either posted by a guest or not, will be considered property of Cotton Week as a whole, therefore, usage of these article in another site is not allowed unless the guess who posted it is the one that provided authorization. However, this is not applicable to contents created by Cotton Week solely. We reserve the rights to these and only authorized parties will be allowed. Sharing to social media is always welcome though, as long as there is a proper link back to the article’s URL.

If you have any clarification, do not hesitate to use the website’s contact page and we’ll be more than happy to get in touch with you.